The Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, “enlightened”) is a name given to several groups, both historical and modern, and both real and fictitious. Historically, the name refers specifically to theBavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776.

In modern times it is also used to refer to a purported conspiratorial organization which acts as a shadowy “power behind the throne“, allegedly controlling world affairs through present daygovernments and corporations, usually as a modern incarnation or continuation of the BavarianIlluminati. In this context, the Illuminati are believed to be the masterminds behind events that will lead to the establishment of a New World Order.

Illuminati is an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt. The object of Illuminati is to take control of the world and establish a New World order (NWO). This elite group with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world from Jerusalem through a universal dictatorship and to finally make a stage for the arrival of Dark Messiah – Dajjal (Antichrist). In modern times it is also used to refer to a purported conspiratorial organization which acts as a shadowy “power behind the throne”, allegedly controlling world affairs through present day governments and corporations. In this context, the Illuminati(Satanists) backed by Israel is believed to be the masterminds behind events that will lead to the establishment of New World Order.  The Society of Freemasons has close ties with members of the Illuminati.


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How do you want to open people’s eyes on the actions of a secret event, if you try to convert others who are just be atheists or a different religion, it makes no sense and most importantly, productive cons.

Some believe that key members in the early formation of the US government, like Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin were members of the Illuminati, and that the group continues to influence world government. It is suggested that the Illuminati have taken an active role in most major events in history (e.g., revolutions, Nazism, Jewish holocaust, Humanism, Communism, Liberalism, Feminism, World Wars, Cold war, assassination of Liaqat Ali Khan, Kennedy, Martin Luther, George Washington, spreading of AIDS and Plague, earth Quakes,  al Qaeda, September 11 event and many more). Conspiracy theorists have claimed that many notable people were or are members of the Illuminati, including Winston Churchill, the Bush family, Barack Obama, the Rothschild family, David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski.

The Illuminati has recently gained some popularity with the Dan Brown novel Angels and Demons. Brown is most recognizable as the author of The Da Vinci Code. He takes the Illuminati on as a subject of interest, suggesting that all major scientific thinkers from the Age of Reason onward have been secret Illuminati members. Brown depicts a constant war between the Illuminati and the Roman Catholic Church, outlining the conflict between not only atheism and Christianity but also specifically science and religion. Brown also intimates that the Illuminati have infiltrated every powerful political organization, and is largely composed of the world’s scientific community.

lluminati have become so influential that they have put their mark almost everywhere & on everything.

One Eye on the top of pyramid represents the eye of Dajjal (antichrist)

“One eye”, “Pyramid” and other “Masonic symbols” appear on the logos of various international organisations and international brands. e.g., Flag of Israel, Great seal of America, America Online, Ameritrade®, Colombia Broadcasting, British Intelligence M-I5, U.S. Information Awareness Office, CIA, Nike, Armani, Reebok, American Eagle, Bathing ape, Diesel, Ed Hardy, Espirit, GAP, Hermes, Hollister, American League, Iris Company, New Era and many more.

The picture of Great seal on US Dollar also symbolizes the antichrist

Annuit Coeptus means “he (Lucifer) is pleased with our project” and

Novus Ordo Secorum means “New World Order”.

On the base of the pyramid is written in Roman script MDCCLXXVI = 1776 (date of signing of Declaration of Independence and date of establishment of Illuminati).

Star of David is displayed on the flag of Israel & is comprised of two juxtaposed inverted triangles. This symbol is Pagan in origin and is used in various magic rituals. The Hexagram was also used by the “Master of the Occult” Aleister Crowley.

“There are some reports, for example, that some countries have been trying to construct something like an Ebola Virus, and that would be a very dangerous phenomenon, to say the least. Alvin Toeffler has written about this in terms of some scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races; and others are designing some sort of engineering, some sort of insects that can destroy specific crops. Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of ELF waves, HAARP and Tesla technologies. “

Objectives of Illuminati:

1. Abolition of all ordered governments: to establish world dictatorship of Lucifer.

2. Abolition of private property: control on volume of money in any country means control of all politics and commerce.

3. Abolition of inheritance: so that the property devolves to one central dictator.

4. Abolition of patriotism: to assimilate all cultures and regions into Luciferianism / Satanism.

5. Abolition of the family: by encouraging and promoting homosexuality and Feminism.

6. Abolition of religion: to promote  worship of reason and Lucifer (Satan)

7. Population reduction: by various means

8. Creation of a world government (New World Order) for enslaving the whole mankind.